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I just heard an uplifting story this morning on a trail run with my good friend, so I thought I’d break my blogging silence and share. My friend told me she was at her son’s middle school conference track championship last month and during the 4 X 100m one of her son’s teammates took a step over the lane line. He didn’t impede any competitor, nor did he take the dreaded, penalty-inducing “3 steps in a row over the line,” but he was disqualified nonetheless. An appeal was made, of course, because the boy was clearly not violating any rule, but the “officials” stayed firm. Disqualified. Wrongly. This DQ cost the relay team the win and his whole track team the championship title, so you can imagine how sad and devastated this boy felt …. devastated, that is, until the night of the awards banquet at the school a week later. On this night – a time for encouraging, praising, and rewarding athletes in a private, school-only setting – the boys’ amazing middle school coach helped heal a broken heart by having tee-shirts printed out for the relay team that read, “The Real Champions.” The whole assembly cheered as the boys put the shirts on over their dress clothes. It was a Camelot moment in track and field if ever there was one. What will that DQ’d boy remember about this whole experience? That his coach loved him enough to make a wrong right.

Bravo, Coach S!!!!!
Long live the King Arthurs of the world!

King Arthur: “One of what we all are … less than a drop in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea. But it seems that some of the drops sparkle. Some of them do sparkle.”

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