I just bought a new guitar for myself for my birthday and I sometimes wish I had chosen to be a musician for life rather than a runner for life. Perhaps there’s still time to play. luna

3 thoughts on “Luna!

  1. Eric

    Ah, hitting the “Runningland” button on the menu every month or so is rewarded. Nice to hear from you.

    Oddly, my wife (and we are about the same age as you) has decided she wants to buy a banjo. . . . . Yes, I said banjo.

    You may imagine my facial expression, but it turns out a banjo is cheaper than psychotherapy. . . . . ‘twang.

  2. Fat Charlies the Archangel

    I’m sitting beside my Gold Tone five-string that my wife bought me, some years back, when the sound from my el-cheapo finally got to her.

    I also have a koa uke that we brought back from Oahu last year.

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