hang in there

“What do you think a human being is?” [Wallace] Shawn asks in The Fever. “A human being happens to be an unprotected little wriggling creature . . . without a shell or a hide or even any fur, just thrown out onto the earth like an eye that’s been pulled from its socket, like a shucked oyster that’s trying to crawl along the ground. We need to build our own shells.”

from the article Catnip in June 1, 2009 New Yorker magazine.

I loved Wallace Shawn in My Dinner with Andre … in my all-time top ten list of movies.
What’s at the top of your list?

3 thoughts on “hang in there

  1. Fat Charlie the Archangel

    Not about this entry, but about your title bar – I suspect that’s a SLIGHT misquote from ol’ Bill (he wrote that “WE absolutely insist on enjoying life” : ) – but it surprises me anyway that you’ve got that.

    Gave me a warm fuzzy, though : )

  2. Joan Post author

    I changed the tagline back to it’s original form … partly for you, Charlie.

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