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Most women my age, and many younger, dye or color or highlight their hair so much so that no one knows how old anybody is these days. Men, too, are forgoing graying temples (which used to be considered “distinguished’) in order to look younger. I am re-reading Margart Craven’s “I Heard the Owl Call My Name” and today I pondered this line: “Her hair was white, which, in an Indian, means she was very old.” It used to be that with all people, not just “in an Indian,” white hair was a sign of being very old … and, hopefully, very wise. What are we avoiding when we cover the gray? What are we afraid of facing? I have vowed never to color my hair … but maybe someday I, too, will be afraid of rejection from this youth-obsessed culture and will pretend to be younger than I am. It makes me sad to think of living a lie just to fit in.

And I wonder, is it also deception if I follow my hair-cutter’s suggestion: “Just tell people your gray hairs are platinum highlights.” ?

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  1. Fat Charlie the Archangel

    Ethel colors her hair.

    I can’t get past it, myself – it seems, to me, to be patently DISHONEST – to be *pretending* to be something that she’s not.

    She doesn’t see it that way.

  2. Eric

    We are a similar age, and I have a good touch more gray than you, but at my age and station of life (and noting my XY chromosome status), “Hair?” is primarily a yes-no question. I’m just happy to have some.

  3. Wesley

    An interesting topic. As someone who graduated in ah, lets just say the late 70’s, I have given it some thought.

    I always thought that coloring one’s hair was denying ones self and trying to represent as someone you are not. My epiphany about this came in my mid 30’s, when I ran into an old friend who had “color washed” his hair and, well, it looked foolish at best.

    By the way, mine is almost all white these days. . my wife threatens to harm me if I ever color it as she feels it makes me look “distinguished.” Who am I to disagree?

  4. Joan Post author

    thanks for posting,
    were you a redhead like your daughter?

  5. Wesley

    Well, if you are asking about me (the grey headed fellow) no. . . mine was dark brown. .

    Bonnie, (wife) on the other hand was always red. . . Daughter started out as blond. . . humm. . . .


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