Personal Record

Sarah Jane just ran a 12:14 2-mile PR in a duel meet against “nobody.” Her splits were 6:08 and 6:06 and she ran in trainers. When I spoke to her before the race she was so casual and relaxed saying, “Coach wants me to run it as a tempo run b/c there’s no competition; what do you think?” “Yeah,” I agreed, “It’s hot. Save your hard effort for Wednesday.” But when the gun went off and she found herself in a pack of boys [mixed race], she got swept along and before we knew it she was on her way to qualify for regionals. What is so amazing about this, so epiphanous, is that she has been unable to train with the track team for a month now because she has been in play rehearsal for a musical that just ended Saturday night. Sarah Jane has been running workouts by herself at dawn and dusk, before school and after play practice, to stay in shape for her beloved track coach. She told me, “The thing I love to do most is drama, but the PEOPLE I love most are my track family.”

Me too, Saries – except for the drama part :)

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