a sabbath prayer of thanksgiving

Normally, I hate hearing lawn mowers on a Sunday afternoon (I understand Portland, OR has a public ordinance for leaf-blowing hours per week?) … but today, when I heard the familiar drone of my next door neighbor’s riding mower I was more than happy to endure this sound pollution. Six months ago he had a brain tumor removed.

Ride, Johnny, ride.

3 thoughts on “a sabbath prayer of thanksgiving

  1. Joan Post author

    Yes, I am going for a softer look … in BODY (flabby belly, chubby thighs, etc.), spirit, and in blog wordpress template.
    thanks for checking back in,
    I will read about Harlan and get back to you!

  2. Joan Post author

    Reading about Harlan reminds me that miracles abound! I need to keep my eyes peeled. Don’t we all. Why do we waste so much time on inward gazing? And, as for the Sabbath, ANY day can be the Sabbath; mine just happens to be on Sunday. Have you ever been called a curmudgeon? If not, let me be the first!

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