Protesting the Lawnmower

* * *

The bluets are rioting in my side yard.
Humble yellow faces shout at the sun
one by one by one;
I am overcome.

I shall not mow today.

a riot of bluets

5 thoughts on “Protesting the Lawnmower

  1. Eric

    Well, that’s a pleasant surprise. I think I clicked on your address about once a month or so, and here you are — good to see you back.

    On a running note: we had a terrific group that ran Boston two days ago. We had a good 20 people at the pre-race dinner. And you’d like our gang, as our training group seems to have an unusually large number of young moms who are getting fast, as well as one of our best marathoners (she’s run over 60 of ’em) who announced she was pregnant at the pre-race dinner. You should come visit us in Seattle some day.

    Welcome back. — E

  2. Eric

    Errr — well, I didn’t walk. I’d had a cold and then fell off my bike and did something to an adductor, so I hadn’t run for about three weeks — but I’d paid for the trip and was there with 20 friends, and I ran it just because a DNS just didn’t seem right. But I was in the 4th corral, which meant I got passed by people for the whole 26 miles, as I was running at a tourist pace. So try not to look up my time, it was a PW.

    But y’know, this is just a hobby, and no shoe company is gonna drop me because I ran too slow at age almost-46. So I’m happy.

    I’m not sure I can include photos here, but I’ll see if I can send you one of the gang — we had dinner with Patti Dillon (nee Catalano – first American woman under 2:30), this is a neat sport.

    /Users/egierke/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2009/Boston Marathon Etc 2009_2/IMG_2205.JPG

  3. Joan Post author

    Please try to re-send photo to my direct e-mail and I’ll post.
    It is difficult to “move the goalposts” up but I applaud your decision to take ego out of it and finish no matter what. I had a similar experience in my seejanerun goal race last week. I am not a distance runner, but a miler who trained to run long and our 15.5 mile race in the mountains was going to be really hard on my aging/aged body; however, I wanted to be a part of the “team” so I ran it anyway.
    thanks for your comment,

  4. Tori

    Hi Joan!

    Since, spring has finally arrived here in Buffalo…my Dad and I were contemplating the idea of mowing the lawn just the other day and the issue with dandelions. People are always so down on dandelions in their yards and I thought, who decided that dandelions are “bad flowers” to have in your yard?

    They can be eaten, they are yellow, they say spring has arrived…I think they are great flowers and my Dad said all you have to do is keep mowing the lawn and they won’t be an issue – which is true, but I say Don’t mow the lawn enjoy the spring and the dandelions that come along with it!

    My allergies do not agree, but the rest of my senses are LOVING the waking up of the world after a frozen winter.

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