My teenage daughter just gave met this essay by feminist, Marilyn Frye, that her awesome (male) English teacher assigned.
We had a fantastic discussion about it this morning and I am wondering what you all think?

2 thoughts on “oppression?

  1. thronedoggie

    The author is dumber than a bag of hammers, and would rather climb a tree to claim “victimhood” than stay on the ground and admit to freedom.

    Oh – you weren’t wanting my honest assessment? :)

    Men don’t open doors for ladies to provide a service; men do it for the same reason that folks from Joisy say “Howyadoin?” The Jerseyites don’t want to know how you are doing – they are doing their best to be polite and acknowledge your presence.

    In the same way, the man who is opening the door is acknowledging the presence of a lady, and demonstrating that in the least intrusive way that is allowed.

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