oh, well …

In case anyone wanders over to this site, I just wanted to let you know we had a failed experiment … or, rather, an experiment that gave us some really good data. Group Blogs don’t work. This is actually a heartening discovery because, to me, it proves people would rather communicate face-to-face.
Stride-for-stride. The Janes have plenty of discourse (believe me – you can hear us a mile away chattering on the trail!); we just don’t have the desire or time to spend visiting in the blogosphere. Seejanerun is alive and kicking. But we sure ain’t bloggin.

until next time,

8 thoughts on “oh, well …

  1. Scooter

    Well, I guess it’s more experience for “Songs of Experience.” I have missed seeing things posted by you.

  2. George - FFSG


    I was thinking about your blog yesterday during my run. I love your blog when I have the time to read it. The problem for me is sometimes I have time and other times I don’t. Since I started grad school, I have not had as much time. (Big surprise there)

    For what it is worth, I love your blog and think it is great! Sometimes when I read it, I just don’t have any thing to add that is worth adding. That is more about me than you!

  3. Eric

    Your write . . . “In case anyone wanders over to this site”

    Well, yes, we still do. Hope all is well. Will continue to wander over.

  4. james pricer


    Thanks for forwarding this essay. I haven’t read such good feminist writing since the late sixties and seventies when I read everything I could get my hand on. Someday, in person, I would love to discuss feminism with you, as I have read about a hundred books and had thousands of hours of conversation about it. I will feel like I am in my twenties again!



  5. Ewen

    Nothing beats face-to-face and stride-for-stride!

    Glad you’re bloggin again Joan – I enjoy popping over here.

  6. Ewen

    Hi Joan,
    There’s a website called Gravatar – http://en.gravatar.com/
    It’s free – they ask for your email ads – seems OK as I’ve never had any spam.
    The photo is at the Imperial Sand Dunes in California.

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