detachment parenting

Dave dropped this in my lap this morning:
knowing it would get my blood boiling.

To me, the kernel of truth is this quote: “I do it to detach.”


Yesterday, I was recalling a friend of mine (who ended up dying of a brain tumor in his 30’s) that a few years before he died he fell in love with a little three-year old boy named Til. My friend was a gay man who never planned to have children, but his best (girl) friend had a little boy he adored. Well, this friend, Andreas, took to collecting little treats (toys and penny candy and such) to carry around in his pockets, so when he saw Til he’d have a treasure to pull out of his pocket – presto! Now, I tell you this story because I am thinking of “Iron Mom” … whose pockets were stuffed with notes from her mother … yet, YET, she didn’t even think of what her own daughter needed/wanted/deserved from her. IRON mom, indeed. I do it to detach.


3 thoughts on “detachment parenting

  1. thronedoggie

    Uh, Joan –

    It wasn’t Iron Mom who said “I do it to detach” – it was a 33 year old woman from Salt Lake.

    Just thought I’d point that out :)

  2. Eric

    Joan — terrific to hear from you again; you were still in my tree of websites, and I poked over by chance in case . . . and there you were; a nice turn to an otherwise soggy Seattle day.

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