I do run run run, I do run run

Well, that’s it. My St. John’s wort experiment is over. How’s this for a newspaper headline?:

Tummy Trouble Trumps Trial

Maybe I’ll try one of those sunlamps next, or go au natural. This ridiculously warm February weather in North Carolina has been amazing to run in and ripping through the woods, truly dappled with sunlight, has created ample endorphins to cure the blues.
How about:

Ample Endorphins Enhance Ectoplasm

what is ectoplasm anyway? Dr. Oz? err, I mean, Eric?

Let’s have a googlook …

Ectoplasm generally refers to the outer part of a cell’s cytoplasm.

* Ectoplasm (paranormal), a physical substance that manifests as a result of “spiritual energy” or “psychic phenomenon”
* Ectoplasm (radio show), a BBC Radio 4 comedy series
* the outer bodily regions of the jelly fish
* a cocktail with vodka

Ahhh, definition number 4 looks interesting.
Let’s google-image that one: slime drink

I am certain that will help with mild depression … however, it may also result in tummy trouble.
What’s a sad girl to do?

da do run run run
da do run run

Robust Running Revives Retina

I really do feel so much better when I run in the sun.

4 thoughts on “I do run run run, I do run run

  1. Eric

    Eee-gads, I like definition #4 too. Actually, I think they should combine #3 and #4 and have a vodka-based cocktail with a jellyfish type name. Then you saddle up the bar and tell the tender: “I’d like a frosted southern jellyfish, with a twist, please.”

    We make light of it, but mood and depression are serious business. People talk about the rain up here in Seattle, but I think the real characteristic of the winters here is the darkness. We are far enough north we only get a bit of sun for four months or so — you jog in the dark, go to work in the dark, come home in the dark. I’ve got the tan to prove it. Seasonal affective disorder is legitimate, at least out here. I’ve known two doctors who moved away because their spouses were just too depressed during our winters.

    But you’re a runner. You’re a lot faster than I’ll ever be, but runners always seem to migrate back to running somehow. It’s not a cure, but I think it helps. I seem to be able to take more slings and arrows without getting too blue if I have my miles in. But in truth, running is not enough alone, and coffee and Marx Brothers movies are not enough alone (much as I love them). I like the light-box trick, I think that helps people out here. And the predictable drugs are valuable for some ( . . . I call Paxil the “house brand” because about half my relative seem to take it — can’t tell you which half).

    I suspect for you writing is a bit like running. Am still awaiting your great American novel. We continue to read with interest. Your fan, E

  2. thronedoggie

    Actually, alcohol in doses of more than one ounce is a depressant, not a stimulant or anti-depressant.

    St. John’s Wort has interested me – a few years back, I wound up taking an anti-depressant (serotonin uptake inhibitor) because it seems that I really do have that problem; however, the med I take (Effexor), while mild in its effects, has withdrawal symptoms that can be completely debilitating; and now I’ve started to taper off of it (under medical care, of course) because a) I don’t like the idea of continuing to take something so scary, and b) one of the long-term effects is weight gain, which has happened to me.

  3. joan

    Jim P.,
    I shouldn’t joke about alcohol because my grandfather and MANY other relatives were/are alcoholics, so I do know its no laughing matter. I have felt a dip in my serotonin since dropping the St. John’s Wort, but I’m like you … I don’t want to contend with “side effects” or “withdrawal symptoms” or “long term effects;” I just want to live, you know?

    We murder to dissect.

  4. thronedoggie

    Well, I don’t know why you shouldn’t joke about alcohol – we drunks do, all the time!…but then, we have to follow Rule #62.

    Simple fact is that alcohol isn’t evil, but the way I drank was a sin.

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