3 thoughts on “Day 8

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  2. Eric

    Good to see you’re feeling a smidge better. If you’d like to fly out here to the soggy corner of the country, we’re having a trail ultra on Saturday which should perk you up terrifically.

    In Woody Allen’s movie Hannah and Her Sisters, Woody’s character is having his (predictable) feelings of gloom and dispare when he has an epiphany watching a Marx Brothers movie. So I highly recommend Bugs Bunny videos, Marx Brothers Movies, and New Yorker cartoons. That and M&Ms (we have a bin of M&Ms nearby which I have labeled “Prozac”). Hang in there. We’re still reading.

  3. joan

    Great to hear from you, Eric! I don’t have a Prozac M&M bin, but we do have a Cookie Pig filled with tootsie rolls and sour patch. I was given the pig as a wedding present and because of this original gift I (decidedly OFF the registry) I always look for personal treasures when I wedding shop. Often I give a Maine “North Country” bell so that people will remember their wedding day when they hear it ringing … especially on those “stormy” days when the wind really blows.

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