pajama days


I was feeling surly today, so I decided to run in my pajamas again. Have you ever thought, “I just can’t be bothered to change into running clothes”? That’s what I was feeling today and yesterday. If I have to change clothes, I won’t run. I was warm and comfy in my week-end pink pj’s yesterday and, rather than change into running layers for the cold, I drove over to the trail-head “as is” – assuming I’d make the quick change to real clothes in the parking lot. Instead, I laced on my shoes and hit the trail in my flowing pink pajamas. Wow, was I fast! (or, at least I thought I was). That silk really cut the wind. I was completely set free from convention – and routine. Surely, that truculence was out of my system …

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning unable to budge from my cozy bed again. Hmmmm? Perhaps that electric blanket we got for Christmas wasn’t such a great idea after all. I decided to try the power of pj’s again. Where I was alone yesterday in my freaky outfit, today I met a group of ladies for a track workout. “Are those pajamas?!” they wondered, laughing. “Why yes,” I admitted, “I’m feeling surly today.” We all jogged over to the track – me with my spikes and pj’s – and did our extremely grueling 5 sets of 5 X 100m sprints. I might have cried had it not been for those pajamas. Seriously.

I wonder if anyone else has a trick to make it out the door on those “I don’t wanna run days.

Remember the camp song?:

“I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when it’s hot;
I wear my woolly undies in the winter when it’s not;
and sometimes in the spring
and sometimes in the fall
I jump into the sheets with nothing on at all.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

3 thoughts on “pajama days

  1. thronedoggie

    Hmmm….tricks for “don’t wanna run days”….

    My standard trick is to go ahead and change into my running clothes QUICKLY; sitting in shorts and Adidas eventually pushes me out the door.

    I often wear pajamas to go run – but when I say this, I mean that I am putting the pajamas on over my running shorts before driving to wherever it is that I’m going to run from.

    Funny thing, though – a lot of those non-runners think that folks like me are ‘addicted to running’ – but I don’t think that (say) heroin addicts sit around in the morning trying to work up the gumption to go do the drug :)

  2. Jeff Dufour

    I just place my old Nike shells by the door so I am not tempted to run. I might have to go the pajama route soon. I saw you and your husband are running Uwharrie again. I am hoping for good weather and hopefully a sub 10 hr finish in the 40. Happy Trails and Good Luck to you all. Jeff

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